Contemporary Artwork Christchurch 




Balanced delicately with fluid, gestural marks and mixed intuitively with gritty, textural layers. Moody subdued tones juxtaposed with evocative, vivid colours.

Mia crafts expressive contemporary abstract works, drawing inspiration from organic forms found in nature through to the very elements themselves. With a creative background spanning interior design and fine art, Mia’s passion for creation and experimentation has seen her commissioned pieces enhance the interior of homes and businesses alike.

Exhibited in select galleries throughout New Zealand, her works in mixed media featuring multi-layered acrylic and oils bring a rich sense of depth and dimension to any space. Her works are often whimsically named, in accordance with their inspiration, frequently drawing upon their connection to the natural world.

Mia is a practicing artist based in her hometown, Christchurch, where she has resided since the completion of a fine art degree at Elam, Auckland University.