Botanical Decorating Ideas


Botanics have been used decoratively since the beginning of history, as different ages and cultures, (Egypt, China, Persia and Europe among others) have all interpreted the natural world in different ways, to create vibrant, visual environments. Here are three botanical decorating ideas to try, whether you are interested in botanic design from a classic perspective, or in creating a new, modern approach...

Botanical decorating idea # No. 1 -  House Plants

One advantage of live plants is that they contribute to a healthier environment; as they've been proven to increase oxygen levels, making your home a healthier, happier place. Keep an eye out for some of these favourites: Spider Plants, Dragon trees, Gerbera Daisys, English Ivy, Boston Ferns, Philodendrons, Snake Plants and Peace Lilys.

Grouping plants of varying heights creates visual interest. Try gathering plants together, ideally in odd numbers and then add some hanging plants; succulents can look fun wall or ceiling hung. Holders and hangers are also popular ways of creating a cascading, leafy look. If, like me, you are based in Christchurch, have a browse at one of my favourite gift-ware destinations, token. I found some amazing light bulb terrariums there!

Botanical decorating idea # No. 2 - Wall Coverings

Make your wall an artwork with a mural - a bold statement piece. A single mural can transform a room and creates more impact than several small pieces. One of my favourite botanical's is a collaborative piece between Miss Lolo and Back To The Wall: 'Miss Midnight in the Garden'; a contemporary, brightly coloured mural, that packs a punch!

Have a glance as well, at the wonderous de Gournay's chinoserie collection. A botanical chinoiserie style mural, can add an elegant, oriental influence. For an artisan, sophisticated look, check out the beautiful wallpaper of Florence Broadhurst - a hand silk screen, printed on brushed gold, available from the Paper Room.

Botanical decorating idea # No. 3 - Fabrics

Drapery, upholstery and accessories, are excellent ways to infuse your botanical decor. If you are looking for inspiration, the internationally acclaimed Timorous Beasties are bursting with unique designs. They have everything from lampshades, cushions, rugs and ceramics, made from some of the most original, contemporary textiles I have seen for some time!

There are also many traditional, beautiful, botanical fabrics to choose from. Country-style botanics, (watercolour and 'artist-like',) are just as on trend as the loud tropics this year. Remember, a professional interior designer will have access to a design library of exclusive textiles, prints and patterns for you to choose from.

If these botanical decorating ideas have inspired you to add some leafy greens into your home and you'd like some designer input, you know where to find me! If you would like to browse some New Zealand furniture to compliment a project, read more here :)

Mia @ black gold x