black gold creative was formed by Mia - interior designer, artist and lover of all things creative. Mia has an open minded, local and international perspective to design and trends, having lived in various New Zealand cities and overseas. Rather than subscribing to any particular style - she views interiors themselves as works of art, often juxtaposing environments of dynamic, liveliness with sophistication or contemporary with vintage. Mia's experience in fine art, fashion and interior design enables her to approach your design holistically, creating truly personalised environments - that are both beautiful and functional.

black gold evolved not just from Mia's passion for interior design, but affinity with all creative industries. black gold is an all-round creative company, providing artwork on a commission basis to individuals and businesses, bespoke furniture pieces, together with other creative endeavours. 

Mia believes good design should be accessible to all and is able to provide packages to suit, from as little as $225. She offers no-obligation consultations to talk through your project or ideas and can explain how having an interior designer saves time, cost and stress. 

Dip Int Des | BFA Fine Art | Cert IV Fashion | Member DINZ