“Contrast best describes my work: spontaneity mixed with constraint, sleek refinement mixed with rich, gritty textures, minimalism versus maximalism and dark, subdued, moody pigments mixed with bold, vibrant colours...”

I grew up with a love for painting; decided to pursue this through a fine art degree at Elam, Auckland and am now a practicing artist based in my hometown, Christchurch, New Zealand. I also have a background in interior design, which has influenced my work spatially and extended my experimentation with colour. About a year ago, I was commissioned to do three artworks in addition to the interior design project I was working on and it was a 'lightening bulb' moment, where I rediscovered my love for creating art and from that point have felt compelled to focus more on painting.

I have an affinity for contemporary abstract work and the spontaneity and expressiveness that it entails. My work is emotive in creation and in effect. I frequently draw upon nature for inspiration; viewers often see natural, organic forms within my work. I like to work in mixed media, often a combination of acrylic, oils and more, as doing so can add unexpected and new textures, forms and grittiness to the works.

I initially called my practice black gold creative - 'black gold' a term used to describe scarcity and value and 'creative' to enable me to work within several creative disciplines, including interior design. As of 2019, my art practice has become the central focus of black gold, and I look forward to showing you more works soon.

Please don’t hesitate to be in touch to discuss the possibility of commissions.

Mia x

BFA Fine Art | Dip Int Des | Cert IV Fashion